1950   RHYTHM WATCH CO., LTD., JAPAN was established with one factory. Head office located in Tokyo.

           Manufactured alarm, table and music box clocks.
1952   RHYTHM WATCH CO., LTD. was awarded the M.I.T.I., the highest timepiece quality award by the Government

           of Japan.
1958   Company was awarded the M.I.T.I. again.
1963   Developed first plastic parts to be used in quartz movements in Japan. Was registered in the Tokyo Stock

1965   Developed and marketed automobile clock.
1972   RHYTHM took the number one position in the world for clock production.
1976   Developed the first Quartz Alarm clock movement in the world powered with a small battery. Alarm clock design

           selected best in Japan.
1982   Awarded the Deming Prize for company-wide quality control. This is a world wide competition. Only 61 Japanese

           companies have won this honor since its establishment.
1989   RHYTHM U.S.A., INC. was incorporated.1990 RHYWACO (H.K.) CO., LTD. was incorporated.
1991   RHYTHM INDUSTRIAL (H.K.) CO., LTD was incorporated.1996 KOREA RHYTHM was incorporated.
1999   All overseas business from RHYTHM WATCH CO., LTD. was transferred to RHYWACO (H.K.) CO., LTD.
2003   RHYTHM INDUSTRIAL (H.K.) CO., LTD acquired ISO9002, an international recognized quality standard.
2004   RHYWACO (H.K.) CO., LTD implemented innovative strategy with new slogan, Real Time, Real Magic, Real

2005   RHYTHM WATCH CO., LTD. JAPAN acquired ISO9001, an international recognized quality standard.
2006   RHYTHM regional conference started
2008   RHYWACO (H.K.) CO., LTD. upgraded global sales marketing office and showroom.
2012   The 1st RHYTHM world congress started.
2013   Achieved 11 years continuous growth.New Strategy “RHYTHM Global Timepiece” started.
2014   Achieved 12 years continuous growth.